I am a human being and appreciate all the characteristics of women in this world, for me a woman is a perfect creation for men. I prepared poems, poems that inspired me when I crossed the minds. I was one of Asia have had many friends from the West and one of them is very special. I was 34 years old and lived in one of the most famous island in the world tourism industry of Malaysia Langkawi Island.

A lot of my work in the produce when I was on the beach here. And when I produce it involves emotion and soul to a poem. As I see the birds so my poetry even depictions of birds, so to some extent. But so far now I create work based on my past experience. I am a boy who was raised by my grandmother. So too many customs of the world that I have learned.

I like to be friends with anyone in this world for my friends are my inspiration, too. If asked whether gregarious men or women would I choose to be friends with women, why me, women have a heart and a fine instinct that I understand. Women have a sincere heart when they love me based on past experience.
Read my work at times when are you lonely and you want to remember someone, understand it and read in the atmosphere which can evoke the memory of someone who you never know.

If you like to give signs of love and give your best comments and your experiences to be shared with my followers and my friends the other. And if you like me to create a special poem for you, I probably will try the best.

I hope so from you all my followers a lot of my support for this hope you are happy appreciation THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL ……. I LOVE YOU ALL

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