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Mysterious Smile

Plumped me from my crowded
Rays radiated happiness and hope
Wrapped in a colorful beauty
Harmonization silhouette that will not be able to balance me lose

All perfect

Enchantment binds
I was transfixed
I do not forget that there are thorns thorn in front of me

My lips search for groove
Installed with the mysterious smile
I browse through your body groove

To hug my basket
Destroy all my anxieties
Time stop

I refrained resistant ta
All you have installed tightly in my heart
Understand the nature
Give the soft breeze swept

Rushes to my skin and mu
Heaven sent heavenly singing
My heart beats a soft line more quickly

I browse your groove
Not bored
You browse my groove
In time as if stupefied to see

Mixed with the aroma of love
My sun
Always shone
Give me warmth
In your arms
Always ……..