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The Wanderer's Thoughts...

I vowed myself last night

Collecting the pieces of my broken heart

Never to write again

You despised my poetic downpour, I thought

I felt someone has snatched my soul from me

I was roaming like a lunatic, wondering how am I going to breathe again

For you I write with the blood of my heart

With the love pouring from my heart

I never thought I would write again

But you and I,

Our story is not going to end in a tragic note

(Thank God for that!!!)

In the most unexpected way, we made up

We kissed a lot and talked

And made up

And kissed again

And my numb knuckles started to feel again

My dead heart was beating again

And I rose from the dead

Rejuvenated and so in love with you again

More than I used to be

Your soft whispers told me a secret

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