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Fantasy Love

Memento of your time we encounter the first reply,
now that’s always a sense in melted millions of hearts,
I still have them,
Thank you dear,

so far has taught me about the meaning of love,
I was not able to say anything more.
The least I never hated you,
hold a grudge for you,

although I did not you think,
but I will not retaliate with the same attitude.
That there is even a sense of want to hug you and miss …
I understand why you behave like this,

You do not have the heart ..?
I continue to see the channel help feeling because we are away and because it is hard to see ..!
You’re too good, but I think you doing was wrong …

Are you doing right now makes me feel even added was to lose and it hurts, make a tightness in the chest within.
I’ll never be embarrassed to say what I think,
because for me you are not someone else, so why should be ashamed.

I miss you love. But unfortunately ….. I thank them all.