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Arrogant Love

Be a little arrogant to say,
“I do not want touched, but he is coming”

He was not hurt,
Another thing that is afraid to return because of loss,
He gave him first place where dreams,
to the Paintings of the feelings that poured in when There

Now gone,
seemed torn,
remove the sense of life,
dim lanterns which had a burning,
Cool … …
Very cool … …
He was so proud,
Inner torment,
Forget the past live with feelings,
He would not make it stand,
Asa to continue to try to break down,
Just disappear …

Live with real feelings,
He is a heart that never hates,
A heart that never stops,
A heart that is always hungry,
Heart that is willing to lose,
and …
Hearts that dare look at reality

Do not let the bitterness of loss
make a rainbow in the heart blackened,
locked …

His little heart with the Heart of the Arrogant,
do not want to touch …