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This boat ragged
Udder tossed arise in the square
Sometimes the waves drown swallow
Mind to dream a sandy beach berths

Feeling much like a paddle and morgana
Notify gull wing missed the ship’s whistle cry
The hot sting of pain to peel the skin becomes dull
When the dark night’s blind hearts tired marrow

Lara solitary wanderer chew swallow grief
Soul cracked pedaling aimlessly
Until I saw hope in the eyes of the nodes
Like a compass pointing cubeb star

To the white sandy beaches stretching
Such as invitations sacred heart harbor
When the ripples of the waves you are peace
When yours truly was the cool breezy soul

When you are the beauty of the waving palm trees charm
I set anchor Ground wishful hearts
Goodbye my spirit sighed lonely wanderer
Welcome to the real love I opened the door frozen

When you whisper songs of heaven
When love springs release the thirst
In my soul collapsed chest edema
Dropped into your hugs heal wounds

In the hollow of thy glory etched in love
Bleached sand beach scenic heart
Ground the love in my boat to eternity