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I heard the groan streams weep like a widow to mourn the death of his son and I then asked,
“Why are you crying, my river of clear? ‘
And the river said,
‘For I am forced to flow into the city where the lowering of Human and myself wasting menjadikanku drinks hard and they entertain me like cleaning garbage,
purity poison me and I change the properties of a good into bad qualities. “
And I heard the birds crying,
and I asked,
“Why are you crying, my birds are beautiful?”
And one of the birds that fly come near,
and perching on the tip of a tree branch and said,
“The sons of Adam will come in this field with killer weapons and attacked us as if we are enemies.
We are now separated from each other,
because we do not know who among us can be safe from the evil of man.
Death hunt us to wherever we went.
“Now, the sun rises from behind the mountain peak, and illuminates the tops of trees with crown color.
I saw this beauty and I asked myself,
‘Why Man must destroy all the works that were created by nature?’