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Have a cheating lover is nightmare for every couple in love. But if the nightmare turned into reality, be patient alone. We should confront calmly because there’s wisdom. Here I list some things that a sign that maybe your girlfriend starts cheating with you.

A. That attitude suddenly changed

Perhaps you noticed a rather cool attitude or ‘indifferent’ to you. If it was hard sms, maybe now, I rarely even sms. If the text already, different language styles. May not be like your first meet. Now, you are a frequent sms him. Did he wait for his reply, oh slow.

Two. His voice changed

Discretion is often soft and pampered. But perhaps you noticed speech, tone of his voice, not like before.

Three. Not Interested

He seems not interested in you. Not interested in activities you do, do not wish to meet and go out with you. In fact, he is distancing himself from you.

4. Make the issue of Problems of Being Small

People who want to move towards in love usually make small issues in the relationship as an issue or problem. Why? Probably because it is supposed to make the issue as a reason why he wants to decide on a relationship with you, although not a big problem.

Five. Sensitive and often angry

Do not know why, I wonder what you do, invite anger. In short, there just is not right in his eyes. Ye it is, people I do not care. Of course like that.

6. The No Reasonable Grounds

He may confess, that he did not want to continue a love affair. Whatever the reason, normally he would not be honest with you that he is loving another person. If the reason for the rather ridiculous like “may not match us”, “you are too good for me”, my advice, be careful, you may be deceived by him that deal!

Love is creation. If love is the embodiment of love, loyalty is his soul. Useless body without soul. Although where you love him, but if there is no loyalty from him, and doomed love. My advice for all readers, if you are not ready for love, do not you simply say, afraid there ‘ll be heart broken. Do you ever hurt a cheating lover deck, you should be thankful that you have shown by the ‘real face. Good men are for good women and vice versa. Do not be too frustrated if abandoned, for those who attend after himself, is usually a better person.