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Gently touch the atmosphere of silence
Just felt a breath of heart rate ten times
Time is fast running as if to stop here
Here, I accompanied the contemptible nature around me, singing along with the liver will miss cues

Love of all that I consider the best first
Far from the bear hug of disgust and frantic
Passionate sense of the ocean’s desire to meet my day
That are currently either marched to where

It’s ironic, when I started looking at further
Everything is so precious taken away from me
Why not for another human being?
Why should I?

Or maybe all of this translation of the essence
On the price to be paid off in the middle of life garden
I am a small man who washed up on shore wound
Sprinkling of the many stars who glorify

Save it with the heart to wake desire
For the sake of awakening memories of the bulk of consciousness
That we are born alone
Similarly, when pieces of our lives perfectly closed