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Why do men actually dump women? The reasons below may seem to be aimed at why men dump women but many of the reasons below are in fact, the same the opposite way around. So, women and men alike, listen up, because these are the top 5 reasons a man dumps a woman!

1. Clinginess

Ok, for those that are not aware what clinginess is, this is where a woman just won’t allow her man to do anything by himself. You know the type, constantly calling and checking up, texting and paging every 10 minutes, complete obsession. Clinginess is very unattractive!

2. Jealousy

OK, this is a very fine line because a little jealousy can be good for a healthy relationship because it shows that the woman cares for her man. But outright “Dagger Eye Jealousy” is outright annoying and another reason why men dump women.

3. Lack Of Sex Life

It is true! A relationship thrives from a frequent and up tempo sex life that is a fact! I mean think about it, how good is the start of a new relationship when you are at it like rabbits every 10 minutes, it is damn good and exciting. So, by suddenly stopping sexual activity within a loving relationship can be yet another main reason why men dump women.

4. Ear Ache

Ear ache is a killer and I am not talking about a throbbing ear drum. I am talking constant nagging and questioning. After a hard day’s work the last thing a man wants to hear is ear ache. Obviously if your man isn’t pulling his weight at home or in life then maybe he isn’t for you but to give that constant ear ache and nagging without good reason is a quick way to end the relationship! There is only so much a man can take!

5. Cheaters

This is one of the obvious reasons men dump women. Cheating cannot happen at any stage of a relationship or you will find the relationship over before it starts. Not only is cheating disrespectful and wrong but it will destroy every part of relationship right down to the core. This is the quickest way to end your relationship without any chance of getting back together!

Most of these reasons are the same the other way around “why women dump men” but in this particular instance, these are the 5 main reasons why men dump women.