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Love comes love goes ..
Love back love away ..
Perfect love, eternal love ..
Understand love, love hurts ..

My emotions of love ..
Lie out of love ..
My age love life because of love ..
Love .. love .. love ..

Ate love, can not be anything ..
I enjoy the love, ill just whack ..
Keep my love, betrayal awake ..
Love .. Love .. love ..
Oh .. Love ..

Body pieces together for you, Love ..
Spread and invade the liver toxins because of you, Love ..
Breeze into a hurricane by you, Love ..
Cool changes blistering, because of you, Love ..
Oh .. Love ..

Why did you let me down when the brave ..
Why did you let me down when standing ..
why did you let me cry when my lips wide open ..
Why did you let me smile when a tear on the cheek ..
Is that how you, Love Oh Love, ..
I’m mad I’m stunned ..
I’m nervous I’m tempted ..
I whistle I’m happy ..
Oh and I love love ..
Happiness, sadness,
Love ..