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Have you ever wondered if you have the qualities to make men love you? Have you asked yourself why the men you’re attracted to, are not interested in you? There’s always a way to make men love you, or rather fall in love with you. In this article I’m going to teach you a couple of things you can try that have worked for thousands of other women out there.

Let me start off by saying that for men, sex is sex. It’s that simple for them. Women, usually have a lot of emotions and feelings involved when we have sex with men. It has to have a meaning, there have to be emotions and feelings. For us it means so much more, but don’t get confused. The first step to make men love you is to acknowledge the fundamental difference between men and women when it comes to sex.

That’s why you should not have sex with a man after the first few dates. If the guy you’re dating is at all genuinely interested in you, he will not make any problem of it. It shows him that you’re a confident woman who knows what she wants. The man will also have to prove himself. At this point you gain control of the relationship, you’re the one with all the power. It also makes him want you more and more, thus creating more positive emotions towards you.

During the first few dates you should try to become closer as friends. The dates have to be fun and easy. Let him talk about himself, try to get to know him better but also talk about yourself. Tell some fun anecdotes and some slightly embarrassing stories. Not too embarrassing but things you can both laugh with. Make every date different! When you try to make men love you, it is important that they get know everything about you. You need to show him a different side of yourself at every opportunity you get.

A very important trick to make men love yous is to take things slow. Some men get really scared when you try to push your relationship forward too fast. You’re ready for something more serious but is he? Men can easily be read. Tell him you want to see more of him and then look at his reaction. Does he smile? Does he immediately agree and does he make more time for you? Or does his smile fade away and does he come up with some reason why this is not possible? If you notice that he’s not eager to spend more time together, think about the fact that you might be going too fast.

When this is the case, take things slower, take the relationship by his pace. Even though it might be hard to do nothing, pushing it might scare him away forever.

To make men love you, they need to feel that they’re hunting for you, so play it well and they’ll always come back wanting more and after a couple more entertaining dates, he will make the next step. He will get more feelings towards you and then he might be the one trying to push your relationship forwards.

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