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For woman all around the world this is the good book for you to make men love you forever and ever.

Alluring a man is almost 100% mental.

Like I said, I certainly try to take care of myself and other women when I take special care I’d be considered “hot”… but for the most part.

That’s because the mental “tricks” are what keeps men intoxicated. The whole bit about trying to impress a man through sex is not only wrong but it’s toxic. And the bit about “a man’s way to his heart is through his stomach” is plain nonsense. These are all old wives’ tales that mean nothing.

I’m sorry if I’m getting in-your-face here, but I’m just so passionate about this. It still shocks me to think about how many people have it plain wrong. It blows my mind to see so many attractive, smart women that are just plain foolish when it comes to men.

And trust me, I see it all the time. Since surveying and putting into practice everything I learned firsthand, I started doing relationships adviser. Check out some of the women I’ve helped transform:

Some email from reader:

Just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it’s already making a difference in my life. I understand men so much better now. I don’t feel like anything can throw me for a curve anymore.

I’m already noticing a change (better) in the way men act towards me and I LOVE IT Your stuff works Annalyn!”

– Martine

Some more:

Wow! Just wow! Thank you for helping me and giving me the power to make dramatic changes in my life. I’ve never considered myself to be a looker and I have never had much luck with guys. But right now my love life is looking up! This with only making a few changes from the book.

I don’t normally write these sorts of things, but I just had to tell you thanks. Great work!

– J.M.