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Inspired by Women

This afternoon one lady called me said that she like me.I do not know who she is but after a few question been asking finally she introduce her self and she is very good girl.

The question is why she just make a call and simply say that she like me.Actually she married already and still no children.
So i ask her what are looking for?if you are looking for love I can help you,but she said that she don’t like the way his husband make a sex. She said it simply like Cat tap..tap..done.

I ask her what are you need from me.Actually she working in same place with me.I really sympathy on her, I said that if anything I can help her.She said she want to know me more closer. I said no problem,you can see me anytime and I will help her with this problem.

She been told me that she not having sex for nearly 4 month.Wow for me too long, I can’t hold for too long time.In my mind thinking that she need someone to listen to her or she need some sex with me.

Well we look for this week what happen….Zsssss..