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Women need to know what makes a man commit to her. Men are as stubborn as acne and they won’t budge until time passes. Women just “know” when they find a man and instantly think about forever but men can sit around for years. Every woman needs to know what makes him get up and commit.

Contrary to popular belief, attraction is not all about outer beauty. Gorgeous women catch stares but they still go home alone or with the ones looking to score but have no further intentions. Inner beauty is attractive to soul. Women should know that their looks will only get them so far and age always catches up.

Confidence is attractive. Be comfortable in who you are and everything that makes you the person he should love. Take your favorite features with your flaws because the good and bad come together in one package. A confident woman dares to be herself no matter who is watching and she can talk to any man that wants to listen.

To really make a man commit to you, he needs to see that you have given his life something great. He has to try and look back without picturing you there and then look forward. If he can’t see his own life as fun without you then he’s all yours. When you become an important part of his life, that’s when he’ll make a genuine commitment.