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If you are a woman loving a guy you don’t understand… buy this e-book and discover his true secret feelings, even if you don’t think you have an intuitive bone in your body!
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Using these SUPER INTUITION TIPS I will show you:

1. How to instantly xray your date’s secret feelings.

2. LOVE TEST: How to instantly FIND OUT if your man loves you.

3. How to QUICKLY KNOW if your boyfriend is the right guy for you.

4. How to switch on intuitive senses in a SUPER smart way to read anyone!

5. How to understand your boyfriend deeply, creating TRUST and bonding.

6. How to find out if he MATCHES YOUR TRUE NEEDS as a woman.

7. How to check his deepest SOUL style – happy or troubled!

8. How to spot a negative ‘troubled soul’ at a thousand paces!

9. When he is talking business or sport how to listen to his heart.

10. How to find out what his deepest fears or dreams are.

11. How to stay sexier by empowering your OWN heart.

12. How to check if he understands what YOU are trying to tell him.

13. How to find out WHY he’s confusing or hurting you!

14. How to keep your relationship truly happy long term.

15. How to explode your and your date’s LOVE POTENTIAL.

16. How to help your heart feel genuinely happy, stable and secure.

17. How to ENSURE harmony in your relationship.

18. How to stay RELAXED (zero stress) because of these skills.

19. How to always KNOW the truth below the surface.

20. How to make a clearer choice about staying or leaving and NOT wait for ‘the right time’ to break it off.

And… so much more!