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Many men are having a really hard to attract women into a relationship and are realizing how difficult it is to attract women. And you might have heard several of them giving up by just saying that women are so unpredictable.

If you’re among men who are still struggling to determine what attracts women, then here are few “myths” which I would like to bust and assist you get nearer to the women who you wish to spend the rest of your life with…

Myth 1. Women hate ‘bad boys’…

There are instances where few guys think that in order to attract women; they must be good looking, smell good and dress neatly.

What these guys don’t know is that, actually, women are more attracted to men who project the “bad-boy” image instead of those who are nice and cute. This is because most women find nice guys relatively boring and uninteresting when compared to those who are rough, a bit aggressive (manly), funny and confident.

Myth 2. Anybody with cash and looks could impress women

Women are more worried with what they cannot see rather than what is clearly visible. This could refer to personality traits, behavior, and attitude. No wonder why many women would rather date a man who has a good character even if the guy is not good-looking or doesn’t have a car.

Myth 3. Women are attracted ONLY to successful men

The problem with most men is that they’re extremely egoistic that they’re more focused on what the public will see in them.

The point here is that material things like wealth, looks, physical attributes, education, influence, power, etc., still do matter. However, it does not essentially mean that these things are everything which a man needs in order to be attractive to women.

The truth is that in order to attract women, men ought to, generally, have a nice attitude and pleasing but manly personality. It is only when men make women feel protected and secure; they will have a long-term, healthy relationship.

Given all these facts, women and men view the concept of attraction in a different way. The perception differs remarkably. This goes to show that if ever a man would like to attract a particular woman, he should set aside his own point of view and interests, and rather, look to think like a woman in order to get the attention of a women.