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Some women seem to cast spells over men. Men just seem captivated by them. It’s not magic. What do they know that you don’t? Here’s a hint. It’s not that they are more attractive or more intelligent than you.

Just shared it from Bob Grant and the methods I’m about to share with you are based on real-life feedback from those who have  tried my relationship advice and found that it produced a dramatic difference in their relationships with men.

“I couldn’t put my finger on it, but somehow I knew there was a reason this woman had trouble. I couldn’t describe it to anyone, but it was a feeling I had; a feeling that there was something she was doing – and was probably unaware of – that kept retarding her best efforts.

There always seemed to be an “aura” or “vibe” around her, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only man who noticed it. Even though she was pretty, smart, and fun to be around. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was that made me feel a little uncomfortable in her presence.”

There are specific things women do that keep men from wanting to be with them and commit to them. Many times women are completely unaware of signals they are sending. I work with women to determine what they are unconsciously saying to men, and how to change that to send the signal they want.

For example – What signal is the number one male repellent? It’s if he feels you don’t need him. Men want and need to be needed. Here’s another insight women find invaluable…

The reason why men shut down when they feel like they can’t fix your problem isn’t because they feel your pain, it’s because they feel it too much!

The reason a man tries to fix a woman’s problem is because it hurts him to see her in pain, and he wants to rectify that situation and take her pain away as quickly as possible, a process that actually takes away his pain, too.

When a woman says, “I just want you to listen,” what a man hears is that she wants him to sit there and let her describe details of how someone hurt her, while he’s expected to empathize with that. It feels like she is asking him to sit there and watch someone beat her.

There is a way you can share your problems and feelings with him and get the response you want. I’ll show you how in The Woman Men Adore e-book.

“When you and I were children, we didn’t know the meaning of the word “impossible.” Children have an innate ability to believe in things, just because they can imagine them. Some call this childlike faith. Sad to say, when we grow up, we begin to think that maybe dreams don’t come true, and we prepare ourselves for pain. We encounter disappointments, and soon we view the disappointments as reality, rather than steps toward our dreams. Once an adult stops believing that dreams can come true, every adversity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. “ (page 39)

If there’s one thing I would like for you to take away from this, it’s that you can be happy. You can find a man who loves and adores you. I see it all the time. Clients who’ve given up suddenly do find true love.

How to be yourself and still be loved by a man – I’ll show you how to find the courage to be imperfect and be loved in spite of it — and teach you how to remove the “layers’ that keep a man from knowing and loving you.