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Save your marriage ..

When you are married then began one you should bear responsibility for both sides. Firstly, I would like to share here my experience of 11 years of my marriage blessed with three children.

For men it a lot to learn to be a good husband. Among them is you have to understand the heart of my lovely wife from all aspects, including what is preferred and what is not loved by your wife. I’ve seen a lot of immature males usually marry will face failure in their marriage.

In marriage also requires understanding both sides, tolerance and a both party  have to give in a quarrel. It also involves the families of wife / husband that you should care. If you stay with your spouse family would have anything happen that would cause some misunderstanding. This is not what the family side if you are male you may be unfamiliar or do not understand your mother-in-law or your husband’s siblings. So there is a little awkward for you.

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